Financial Assistance for PostSecondary Education


Both the University of Windsor and St.Clair College have information available on financial supports for the cost of tuition.

Financial supports may include scholarships, bursaries or awards. These supports often have certain requirements that you have to meet or forms that you need to fill out, although some are given automatically. Schools may send you information on when you can apply for them. You can also search online to learn more about what is available to you. If it involves an application process then you will need to make sure that you apply by the deadline in order to have your application looked at.

More information on the University of Windsor's financial supports can be found through their Finance Department. 

St.Clair College's Financial Aid Office hosts information related their available supports. 

You can click on the image and links below if you would like information on how you can get help in starting to save for your child's post-secondary education.