In Windsor-Essex County we have 4 school boards. These school boards have many different school locations for grade school and high school students.

Since English and French are both recognized as official languages in Canada we have some schools that teach in English and schools that teach in French.

In order to attend Catholic schools, students need to be baptized Roman Catholic or have parents who are Roman Catholic. Catholic schools have the same core curriculum as Public schools but they teach from a Catholic perspective. Students at Catholic schools take religion classes and often have to wear uniforms.

Our school boards have both Elementary and Secondary schools. Elementary schools are usually kindergarten until grade 8. Secondary schools, also called high schools, are grades 9-12.

Normally your home address will determine the school that your children will attend. This may be different if your child is attending a French-language school or a school that offers unique programs that your children needs.

Some parents decide to send their children to a private school (en Français). These schools are different than the publicly funded schools and there is a cost to attend them. Oftentimes these schools have a focus on a particular language, religion, culture or teaching technique.

Other parents decide to homeschool their children. This means that they are teaching their children at home. The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents (La fédération ontarienne de parents enseignants) has more information on homeschooling.

You can click on the image and links below if you would like information on how you can get help in starting to save for your child's post-secondary education. 

A dad laying on the ground, and holding his child up with his feet and hands