Elementary Schools


Elementary schools often have students in Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten, and grades 1-6. Some Elementary schools have grade 7 and 8 students as well. Other schools have students go to a middle school for grades 7 and 8. Students are grouped in their grades by their age.


A group of young students with paper graduation hats on

By law, students need to attend school by age 6, but many families choose to have their 4 and 5 year old children go to Junior and Senior Kindergarten. Kindergarten helps to prepare children for future grades and helps them in developing social and personal skills.

Often in grades 1-5 your child will have a main teacher for the year and will change teachers each year. In grades 6-8 children may have a homeroom teacher, but then they will have specialist teachers for different subjects. In those grades children will have a schedule of their classes, so they know when they have each class.


Your child will need to go to school from Monday to Friday. If your child is not able to make it to school one day you will need to let the school know.

Communicating with Teachers

Teachers may be in contact with you to discuss how your child is doing in their class. Schools will have parent-teacher interviews where you can go and talk about how your child is doing in class with their teacher. If you have any questions about your child and how they are doing in school you can contact their teacher. You will get written updates that are known as “report cards” that will tell you how your child is progressing.

Getting to School

Students may get to school by taking a school bus, getting dropped off or by walking if you live close enough to the school.

Extra-curricular Activities

Schools will often have extra-curricular activities that your child can take part in. This may include activities like sports teams, choirs and bands, chess clubs or art clubs.

More Resources

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