Ontario's Education System


Education in Ontario may be different than the educational system that you are familiar with. In Ontario we have 4 publicly-funded school boards:

  • English-language Public
  • English-language Catholic
  • French-language Public
  • French-language Catholic

Publicly funded schools must follow the Ontario curriculum. The curriculum is a document that explains what students need to learn. Teachers use the curriculum when planning their lessons, to make sure that all students are learning the same information across the province.

These school boards have both elementary and secondary schools. Elementary schools typically are kindergarten until grade 8. Secondary schools, also called high schools, are grades 9-12.

This infographic may help you in further understanding the school system in Ontario.

There will be many different people that work within a school. Your child will spend most of their time with teachers. Teachers will create and teach the lessons that students learn. In the classroom they will evaluate, guide, encourage and discipline your children. A teacher may teach many different subjects or may specialize in one or two areas. Schools also have principals and vice-principals who are responsible for running the school, making sure that it is a safe place where learning can properly happen.

All children attending publically funded schools in Ontario must be immunized against specific diseases.