Festivals and Events


Windsor-Essex County has many festivals and events throughout the year.

Many of our festivals have been selected as part of the top 100 festivals in Ontario by Festivals and Events Ontario. There are many websites that can help you stay up to date on the festivals and events that are happening in our region:A cake that is decorated for the Harrow Fair


Here are some of the festivals and events that you may see in our region:

  • Carrousel of the Nations is an opportunity to explore the many

    An aborginal man wearing cultural clothing

    cultures that are represented in Windsor-Essex County through food, music, art, dance and entertainment.
  • Many towns have their own festivals throughout the summer months. These festivals feature great food, music, entertainment, events, rides and activities for people of all ages. Examples of these festivals include:

  • Art in the Park is one of Ontario’s largest outdoor arts and crafts shows.
  • There are many Farmer’s Markets throughout Windsor-Essex County during the summer months. These are a great way to buy local produce, support our farmers and learn more about the Windsor-Essex community.
  • You don’t want to miss the annual Detroit Ford Fireworks. This show lights up the Detroit River and brings crowds of people to both the Canadian and American sides of the Detroit River.

Instrumentalists and vocalists performing on stage.


  • There are many opportunities to watch live music and theatre in Windsor-Essex County, and our region is home to many local bands and artists. The Windsor Symphony and the Windsor Light Music Theatre are two examples of local live entertainment.


The Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre- a glass and brick building

  • The Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre and The WFCU Centre often host a variety of sporting events that can bring in sports teams and people from around the world. In Windsor we have the Windsor Spitfires, our local Ontario Hockey League team and the Windsor Express, a part of the National Basketball League of Canada. The Windsor Express won the 2014 National Basketball League of Canada Championship.
  • Our many wineries often host events and tours that draw people from across Ontario and Canada.

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