Fire and Rescue


It is important that you and your family know about fire safety and prevention.

If you see a fire then it is important that you call 9-1-1. If the fire is in your house then you will need to exit the house right away with your family members.

A smoke alarm is a device that you need to put in your house. If it finds smoke it will make a sound so that you and your family know to exit the house.

It is also important that your family has an escape plan. This will help your family leave the house if there is a fire.

To help your family prepare, you can view a Home Fire Safety Checklist in the following languages: 

The Emergency Services Introduction to New Canadians: Emergency Preparedness Toolkit has more information on how you can prevent fires and keep your family safe.

Windsor Fire and Rescue services have documents (en Fran├žais) available on their website to help you learn more about fire safety. These documents are available in many different languages.

A brown brick fire station building with front glass doors

Each town or city of our region has its own fire department. In an emergency you will be helped by the department in your area: