Settlement Services


Settlement agencies provide services for people who are new to Canada. They have services that are often free and confidential (meaning that your information will not be shared with others). In Windsor-Essex County we have many organizations that can help you as you try to find housing in our community.

Many of these organizations work with other organizations, such as schools, in order to provide the important settlement services. Often settlement agencies have staff members who can speak languages other than English.

English Settlement Agencies

French Settlement Agencies


Free Services for Newcomers in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about local settlement services funded by Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada. These programs are free of charge for eligible clients: Convention Refugees & Permanent Residents including Government Assisted Refugees and Privately Sponsored Refugees.

Additional valuable community services/or supports have also been included.  Please note eligibility criteria and funding sources will differ.