Arts, Culture and Recreation


Windsor-Essex County has many opportunities for you to learn about and experience our arts, culture and recreation.The Art Gallery of Windsor- a white building with a red, abstract sculpture in front of it



From the start, Windsor-Essex County has been a multicultural community. No matter where you go in Windsor-Essex County you can expect to be surrounded by many different languages, cultural music, food and events.

Visitors to our region notice the many cultures that are present in Windsor-Essex County. We have a history that we love to celebrate and learn more about.

Our community has many different resources and websites that can help you learn more about culture and heritage in Windsor-Essex County.

Girls on a stage playing a violin


  • The City of Windsor has a Culture Map that is made of a series of maps that will show you the location of community cultural organizations, events, spaces, festivals and companies for Windsor.
  • The Town of Amherstburg also features a culture map and information on the culture and heritage in Amherstburg.

RecreationKingsville recreation complex- a brick and paneled, blue and grey building

The websites listed below will show you what recreational services are in each of our communities.