Emergency Medical Services


If you are in a life threatening emergency, you need to call 9-1-1. Depending on the situation you may have an ambulance, police car or fire truck show up to help you.

In an emergency an ambulance is able to quickly get you to a hospital. They have paramedics and some medical equipment on them. Paramedics are health care professionals who have been trained to work in emergencies. They can help you with some medical care before you arrive at the hospital.

If you are injured in an emergency, the ambulance will take you to the hospital. You will need to pay for part of the cost to be taken to the hospital. This cost could be up to $45.00. If a doctor believes that you did not need an ambulance, you will be charged the full cost. The full cost could be up to $240.

Essex- Windsor Medical services provide emergency medical services for all of Windsor-Essex County. They have 12 bases throughout the region.

Hospital Emergency Rooms

If you have a minor health problem, such as a cold or a minor injury, you should go to a local clinic or an urgent care centre.

A white hospital building with a red emergency room sign

For more serious medical issues that need to be taken care of right away, you may need to go to a hospital emergency room.

Windsor-Essex County has three hospital emergency rooms: