Windsor-Essex County is a region that is made up of many different cultures. We have many restaurants and grocery stores that highlight these cultures. is a great place to learn about some of the dining and food options in Windsor-Essex.


Windsor-Essex has many different locally owned restaurants that represent cultures including Mexican, Russian, Ethiopian, African, Asian, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Thai, Indian, Caribbean, and Italian.

Grocery Stores

We also have many grocery stores that have foods for the cultural communities in their local neighbourhoods. These grocery stores cater to the dining needs of the community. Some of the cultures that are represented include Indian, Oriental and Asian.

Furthermore, some of our local grocery stores have recognized the need for specific cultures to be represented in their food products, and have included these types of foods on their shelves.

Farmer’s Markets

In the summer months Windsor-Essex has many Farmer’s Markets in our different communities. These markets are a great way to buy fresh and local produce as well as support our farmers while doing so. They are a great way to get connected and learn more about the Windsor-Essex community.

You can learn more about the type of farms that we have in Windsor-Essex by looking at this map from the Essex County Federation of Agriculture.

A chalkboard sign for a farmer's marketa vegetables and herbs at a farmer's market


Canada’s Food Guide

The Canadian Food Guide shows you what types of food you and your family should eat and how much of it you should eat to be healthy. The Canadian Food Guide is available in many different languages.