Places of Worship


Along with the cultural diversity we have in Windsor-Essex, we also have many different religions that have many places of worship across our region.

Some places of worship are connected to certain cultures and they offer services in different languages.

Many places of worship have different times and days for their services and events.

Getting connected to a place of worship is a great way to meet new people and learn more about our community. Many people think of the people at their place of worship as extended family. These people may be able to help you get settled into Windsor-Essex.

Although there is not a directory of places of worship for our region, you can use 211 to search for the place of worship you are looking for.

This list comes up when you search the word “faith” on 211 for Windsor or Essex County. Other words you may want to search include, “worship” or “church.” Remember to include your postal code or the name of your community in your search.

A woman holding her hand in the shape of a phone up to her ear. When you don't know where to go call 211.