In Windsor-Essex County there are a few different ways you can travel. The type of transportation that you use will depend on money, where you need to go and when you need to travel.

  • Car: Many people have cars. We have many local car dealerships and it is possible to buy a car new or used, or to lease a car. It is important that you do research on a car before you buy or lease it. To legally drive in Canada you will need a driver's license. If you buy a car you will need to have car insurance.
  • Bus: Locally we have Transit Windsor and Tecumseh Transit. These services work on bus schedules by stopping at bus stops throughout Windsor and Tecumseh. There is a cost for using this service but you can buy a bus pass if you think you will be using the bus frequently.
  • Taxi: It is also possible for you to take a taxi. There are many taxi companies throughout Windsor-Essex that will come and pick you up to bring you to where you need to go. The cost for getting a taxi depends on how far you need to travel.
  • Biking/Walking: Depending on where you are travelling to, you may be able to get there by riding your bike or walking. Some communities have bike lanes on some of their roads that you can use to bike safely.An aerial view of an airport
  • Airplane: Locally we have the Windsor International Airport. This airport has West Jet, Sunwing, Air Canada and Porter airlines.
  • If you are looking for a bus that travels further distances you can take the Greyhound Bus (en Français).
  • Train: If you need a train, Windsor has a Via Rail (en Français) train station.
  • You can take a ferry (a type of boat) (en Français) if you are travelling to Pelee Island.

Transportation for People with Physical Disabilities

Windsor Essex Community Transit offers transportation services for elderly people and for people with disabilities.