Applying to Come Here


Citizenship and Immigration Canada (en Français) decides who can enter our country. In order to come here, you must apply through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

You may be applying for permanent or temporary residency.

You can apply for permanent residence through:

You can apply for temporary residence through:

You will need to find out whether you have to apply before coming to Canada or after you have arrived. These applications usually have a fee and are evaluated on specific regulations. Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website has a list of where you need to send your application(en Français).

Come to Canada  (en Français) is a tool that helps you figure out what your options are if you want to come to Canada as an immigrant, student, worker or visitor.


En Français

Vous pouvez formuler une demande de résidence permanente dans les catégories suivantes:

Vous pouvez formuler une demande de résidence temporaire dans les catégories suivantes :