Finding a Place to Live


When you come to Windsor-Essex County you will need to find a place to live.

You may want to look at real estate listings before coming to Canada to get an idea of what is available in our region.

The Housing Support page will lead you to websites that can show you the different types of housing that is for sale or for rent in our region.

It is important to know that your first house may not be your ideal housing. Many people live in a smaller house and then upgrade later on.

An aerial view of homes, baseball diamonds and parks

In Windsor –Essex County there are different types of housing to choose from. You may choose to rent or buy housing. This will depend on what you can afford.

  • Room

    • Some people choose to rent a room from someone. This may be in an apartment or a house. The bathroom, kitchen, living room and other spaces may be shared.
  • Apartment

    • An apartment may be part of a building or a house. Usually landlords own these spaces and rent the apartments out. An apartment may have one or more bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. Some apartment buildings have laundry rooms and storage spaces.
  • Duplex

    • A duplex is a house that is divided into different living spaces. This may be a home that has an apartment upstairs and an apartment in the basement or semi-detached house. A semi-detached house means that your house is attached to your neighbour’s house.
  • Condominium

    • A condominium allows you to buy space in a building without owning the land.
  • House

    • A house is a larger space on its own property. Houses may have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a basement, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, and a backyard.