Food Banks


Depending on your money situation you may find that you need some help in getting food for your family.

A food bank is a center that collects food to give it to people who are in need of emergency food and groceries.

Food banks may also have other services for people who are in need of help. Each food bank may be a little bit different.

Some food banks have certain requirements that need to be met to use their services. They may require that you live within a certain region, or that you bring some form of identification or a document that shows how much money you make.

A food bank may have a limit on how many times you can use it each month.

The Windsor-Essex Food Bank Association has a list of some of the food banks for our region. By looking at their website you will see how to contact these food banks, what requirements they have, how often you can use them and when they are open.

The website 211 has information available if you do a search for food banks in our area.