Settlement Services


In Canada, settlement agencies have services for newcomers. Agencies offer services that are often free and always confidential, meaning that your information is not told to anyone else. These services may include:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • Interpretation and translation of documents
  • Help filling out forms
  • Help in finding a job or getting employment training
  • Information on other community services, schools and health care

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has launched a tool to help guide newcomers to information related to language classes, job supports, connections to the community and more. You can find this information by visiting IRCC's Newcomer Services website.  

In Windsor-Essex County, we have many organizations that can help you get settled in our community. Many of these organizations connect with other organizations, such as schools, to provide important settlement services. Often settlement agencies have people who can speak languages other than English.

This website has a list of Newcomer Settlement Agencies throughout Ontario.

Click on the image below to use the City of Windsor map to see where services are located.


Below are our local Newcomer Settlement Agencies:

English Settlement

French settlement


Free Services for Newcomers in Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about local settlement services funded by Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada. These programs are free of charge for eligible clients: Convention Refugees & Permanent Residents including Government Assisted Refugees and Privately Sponsored Refugees.

Additional valuable community services/or supports have also been included.  Please note eligibility criteria and funding sources will differ. 



Online Resources

  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada has an online tool that you can use to create an online personalized settlement plan (en Français). This should be used as a guideline.
  • has a search section for newcomers so that you can browse newcomer services in our area.

Community Support Services

Many of our settlement agencies have other supports and programs to help you as you adjust. Settlement agencies will have information on the specific types of supports that they have available for you. Examples of different types of supports that you may see in our community are:

  • Food Banks
  • Clothing Programs
  • Home Heating Assistance Programs
  • Nurse Practitioner Clinics