Job Market


It is important that you know what types of businesses are hiring people so that you know how to best prepare for a job in Windsor-Essex County.

A promising sector is an industry that is likely to grow and have jobs for our region. An example would be manufacturing.

A promising occupation is a specific job that is likely to be needed over the next few years in our region. An example would be a welder, which is found in the manufacturing sector.A medical building in Leamington

Workforce WindsorEssex has an online copy of "Promising Sectors and Occupations Windsor-Essex 2012-2015." This report will tell you more about the jobs and industries that are promising for our region.

The Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation also has information available on the different industries that are in demand in Windsor-Essex. They also keep an updated economic monitor so you can learn about how our economy is doing each month.