Culture and Heritage


From the start, Windsor-Essex County has always been known as a multicultural community.

No matter where you go in Windsor-Essex County you can expect to be surrounded by many different languages, cultural music, food and events. Visitors to our region notice that we are made up of many different cultures.

We have a history that we love to celebrate and learn more about. Our community has many different resources and websites that can help you in learning more about culture and heritage in Windsor-Essex, including:an aerial view of Fort Malden



Cultural Access Pass

If you want to learn more about culture in Windsor-Essex County, Ontario and across Canada, then you should consider registering for a Cultural Access Pass. The Cultural Access Pass is offered through the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and gives free entry to more than 1,000 of Canada's cultural sights.fort malden

In order to apply for the Cultural Access Pass you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have received your Canadian citizenship within the past year

The Cultural Access Pass is valid for one year from the date that you are sworn in as a Canadian citizen.

Some of our local attractions that are available through the pass include:

A buoy on the railings of a boat looking out to the setting sun.