Learning About Our Workforce

Workforce WindsorEssex is an organization that can help you learn more about our workforce.

Workforce WindsorEssex works to encourage and support employment through:

  • Research: Doing research projects that relate to jobs in Windsor.
  • Partnerships: Sharing information and resources with other organizations.
  • Communication: Sharing research and information with the community through infographics, videos, reports and bulletins.

You can learn about their research on their website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Pinterest page or their Twitter page.

Workforce WindsorEssex cannot find you a job, but their research can help to make sure that you know what the jobs are like in our community and they can help you understand what employers are looking for when it comes to hiring people.

You can learn more about their 2017-2018 Community Labour Market Plan in the following languages:

Who Their Research Is Helpful For:

The research that Workforce WindsorEssex does is helpful for many different people including students, people looking to get a job, newcomers, community members, teachers, employers, and community organizations.

What Workforce WindsorEssex Focuses On:

Workforce WindsorEssex has 6 areas that their work focuses on:

  • Making sure the Windsor-Essex workforce meets the needs of our current and future local businesses.
  • Giving important and up to date employment information.
  • Focusing on the importance of Attitude, Skills and Knowledge in the workplace.
  • Supporting people who own their own business, research and development, and the growth of small and medium-sized business in Windsor-Essex.
  • Adding immigrants and newcomers into our workforce by using their knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Making sure that youth can be part of the local workforce.