Credential Recognition

Credentials may refer to educational or job qualifications, such as a Bachelor’s degree or a trade certificate.

You may have completed education, done training or gained work experience in your home county. These are referred to as international credentials.

Employers may not understand what is similar to your credentials here in Canada. In order to show them what your experience and education equals in Canada, you will need to have your credentials evaluated.

There are organizations that will evaluate credentials for your level of education and for your employment experience. These organizations have a cost for their services, the services they offer may vary depending on the organization.

There is a list of recognized evaluation services in Canada that you can refer to on the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada website.

World Education Services (en Français) has a list of advice for choosing an evaluation service.

It is very important that you compare evaluation services and their reports before choosing the service that will work best for you.

  • Make sure that the report you are getting is useful for at least 4 purposes: immigration, employment, higher education or continuing education, and entry to apprenticeship training programs.
  • You can get a short and instant review of your credentials through the World Education Services’ (WES) International Degree Preview (IDP).
  • Apply to an evaluation service that will review all documents. Employers prefer evaluation services that review all documents.
  • Find out if the service you choose charges a separate fee for each credential you want to have evaluated, or if they have 1 fee for all of your credentials.
  • If you are on social assistance in Canada (for example, Ontario Works) the government may pay for your evaluation report. Ask your caseworker about this possibility.
  • Find out if the evaluation service sends, free of charge, a second original copy of your evaluation report directly to where you need it to go.
  • When applying to educational institutions and licensing bodies ask what type of evaluation report is needed and where you should get it done.