Hiring Global Talent

There are steps that you can take now in order to make immigrants aware of the job opportunities that you have available at your company.

You can start by making sure that your job posting clearly communicates what the position is. Review the language and terminology that you have used in the posting, and revise the requirements. Phrasing such as "Canadian experience needed" will turn immigrants away from the job. Take into account that many immigrants have experience that is very relevant to the work you are doing and they may be willing to learn more about the areas that they need more experience in.

For information on our Accessing Global Talent: Employer Information Session that was held on October 2, 2015, please click here (note that the English version follows the French version).

Additionally you can connect with our local Employment Ontario Service Providers. These organizations assist people in finding work and offer services to help better prepare them for work. You have the option of connecting with them and sharing your recruitment needs. Many of these agencies keep an eye out for new employers and would love to connect with you and help you to identify the qualified candidates from their list of immigrant clients.

The Employment Ontario organizations that we have in Windsor-Essex include:



The Employer's section on the Ontario Immigration website and the HireImmigrants.ca Roadmap / Feuille de route pour l'embaucheimmigrants.ca can provide further insight as you look to hire global talent.