Windsor-Essex and Pelee Island is a region made up of the City of Windsor, the County of Essex – and its seven municipalities – along with Pelee Island.

Windsor-Essex County is the southernmost region in Canada, connected to the United States by the Ambassador Bridge and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

Windsor-Essex is part of an international urban area of over 4 million people centered around Detroit, Michigan. Windsor is located just south of Detroit. Residents enjoy the big-city amenities that Detroit offers by crossing the Ambassador Bridge or the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. Over 5 thousand Windsor-Essex residents cross the border every day to go to work in the Detroit metropolitan area. Windsor-Essex County is the southernmost region in Canada.

Our region is conveniently located within close proximity to other large urban areas:

  • 350km from Toronto
  • 400km from Chicago
  • 800km from Ottawa
  • 900km from New York City

To read more about the advantages of our location in the middle of the Great Lakes region of North America, go to the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation website.