A volunteer is someone who works without getting paid.

A teenage girl holding a sign that says “Volunteering allows people to meet friends and make new connections.”

Many employers look for volunteer experience when they are hiring people.

Your children will need to complete 40 hours of volunteer service when they are in secondary school.

There are many benefits to volunteering:

  • Learning and developing new skills
  • Networking and getting to know other people
  • Gaining work experience
  • Learning more about different job and career opportunities
  • Discovering what you are good at and what you enjoy doing
  • Gaining reference and recommendation letters
  • Making new friends
  • Learning more about our community
  • Giving you a sense of accomplishment and belonging
  • Allowing you to use your talents

There are many ways you can become a volunteer:

  • Some organizations post advertisements for volunteer positions.
  • The United Way Centraide’s We Volunteer site will match you up with a volunteer role that lines up with what you are looking for. You can learn more about them on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Workforce WindsorEssex also has a Volunteer Opportunities page
  • You can phone a company and discuss the opportunities they have for volunteers.
  • You can see how your skills can be used in our community.

Recognition and Awards for Volunteering

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