Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership

The goal of the Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership (WE LIP) is to create a community where newcomers and citizens can have a higher quality of life and reach their full potential. They seek to accomplish this through communication- which contributes to their mutual goal — that every new member of our community feels like they truly belong and can contribute to Windsor-Essex County.

The WE LIP members often share information, take part in events and plan events, and develop plans to help make Windsor-Essex County a welcoming community.

The WE LIP partners with different sectors such as health care, education, housing, children’s services, developmental disability services, and police to discuss the needs of immigrants and how we can make sure that immigrants have access to the services they need.

The WE LIP also:

  • Celebrates the local success stories of immigrants
  • Shows employers how diversity can enrich their workplace
  • Promotes collaboration between organizations to better serve immigrants

Recent Success Stories

Every month, WE LIP launches a success story to highlight the successes as we work to make Windsor-Essex a more welcoming community. To see new and previous success stories, see below!

Success Stories – 2023

Success Stories – 2022

Success Stories – 2021

Success Stories – 2020

Success Stories – 2019